Like all appliances today, refrigerators have become more computerized and come with more features than older models ever did. These appliances, referred to as Smart Refrigerators, are now able to do many things that were never even considered possible a few years ago:

• They can find recipes and read them to you as you cook, so your hands are free
• They can help you to make grocery lists, and sync with your phone, making shopping easier
• They keep track of expiration dates and remind you to use food while it is still fresh
• They serve as a communication hub, allowing messages to be sent between members of your family
• They let you see inside the refrigerator without opening the door with transparent touchscreens
• They provide casting capability, so you can watch television in your kitchen

All of these features are wonderful and make your family’s life easier, but more sophisticated appliances require care and maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency and to prolong their life.

An Ounce of Prevention…

• Here are some simple cleaning tips that can help you to enjoy your Smart Refrigerator and keep it running well:
• Clean any spills or dirt immediately. Don’t allow it to dry and possibly impair performance
• Remove items that are past their expiration date to prevent odor and bacteria
• Empty the ice bin every month so that the ice stays fresh and doesn’t freeze into clumps that prevent dispensing
• Change your water filter every six months, or when your service manual recommends
• Once a year, remove all the shelves and bins to perform a thorough cleaning

A few moments spent on simple cleaning and maintenance will help your Smart Refrigerator to keep operating at peak performance, and protect your investment, so that you can keep streaming video as you look for something to eat through a transparent touchscreen!